Are your children tired of the same old birthday parties at all the usual places? Are you looking for something different and unique?
Reptile Adventure birthday parties are fun for ALL ages. Not only do young children enjoy a reptile party, your teen and even the adults love it too! Your child will have the party of a lifetime and the event will be remembered by all.
 You will have fantastic one of a kind pictures to take, and the child will keep a personalized "Reptile Wrangler" 
bravery certificate, a magnet with a picture of our star snake and a great reptile toy from us!

Why choose a Reptile Adventure birthday party?

No room rentals or time limits; we come to YOU, at your home or other party location!
A lot for your money - effortlessly! Nothing to plan, and no clean up required.
Fun AND educational
Hands on interactive - kids get a chance to touch exotic reptiles, and they get to show off their existing knowledge. What could be more great than that?
Very little room needed, just enough space for the children to sit on furniture or in a half circle on the floor. Inside or outside as long as the outside temperature is over 70 degrees, and under 85 degrees in the shade
Nothing much for you to do, sit back, relax and enjoy the presentation.

The birthday party program is a one hour presentation and is focused on having an absolute blast! We will make the show super special for the birthday child, and allow him/her to hold and experience most all of the reptiles. The rest of the children will sit in a half circle and have the chance to touch and feel all of our reptile buddies (only if the child agrees). Not only is it fun, but it is very educational! We will give an overview of each reptile, or something unique about it while also educating about the dangers of unknown, wild and venomous snakes.

As age groups are different, each presentation is adjusted to fit the appropriate ages of your child and his/her guests. We help the children and the parents with their fears and apprehensions about reptiles and snakes, and most of the time people who thought they would never touch a snake will touch, hold, and enjoy learning about our scaly friends! Recently, a child's 90 year old grandmother (really)! had her picture taken with our 9 foot Python around her shoulders after a lifetime fear of snakes!!! It was wonderful!

What's more fun than getting your picture taken with a beautiful snake around your shoulders? We are also very happy to allow the birthday child and his/her immediate family to have photo opportunities with our huge Burmese Python after the show is finished. With your camera, you will be able to have a lifetime of memories with these incredible animals. Don't forget to charge your camera!

Every show features at least a dozen different animals. There are both small and large reptiles. Every reptile we bring is our own captive bred pet and has been around kids, so it is a completely trusted animal. Each animal has its own container, so as we bring it out to show, its a complete surprise!  At the start of the presentation, we will go over a few rules with the children to ensure everyone is safe, which I will go over here. We also can provide numerous add on's to your party to make it extra special.

Safety Rules
As you know, working with children and animals can be a challenge sometimes, so we have just a few guidelines for everyone to follow. The animals are exotic, and we have to balance the needs of our animals and the safety of the guests. 
           Children must remain seated, no eating!
           Children must avoid screaming, or being really loud.
           They must use a "two finger rule" and gently touch the animals. No squeezing or
         . Children are asked to raise their hand to speak.
          We expect that the host of the party will assist with handling disruptions so we can 
     concentrate on the animals. If you have household animals, please secure them and keep them
 Children must follow the presenter's instructions at all times

1. We don't require much room, as we just bring in a few large plastic bins.  There should be just enough room for the children to sit on furniture or in a half circle so the presenter can reach every child comfortably. Please provide at least one chair for the presenter. When we arrive with the animals, we know the children want to take a peek, but we ask that the children are kept away from the animals with another activity until we set up.

2. Please schedule your party to begin at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the reptile program. This will prevent disruption by late arrivals, and it is important that we start and end on time. The food should be served either before or after the reptile experience. The entertainment portion of your party will begin at the show start time. Once the one hour show begins, we will continue until our entertainment portion is complete. We will not be able to stop and accommodate another party activity like cake or presents, so please plan the rest of your party accordingly. We ask that the children are not eating during the program. Children should use hand sanitizer after touching the animals.

3. Adults: Please follow the same safety rules. Sometimes chatting adults don't realize they are disrupting the program and are making it hard for the guests to hear and for the presenter to speak over them.  Adults are welcome to watch, but they should go to another area if they want to visit. The presenter will handle the children, but we respectfully ask that you handle the adults!

4.  We would greatly appreciate it if we had a reserved parking space near the presentation space or the front door. We will be hauling quite a load when we get there!! That would be a big help!

5. We reserve the right to stop or adjust the presentation at any time if the rules are not followed. We cannot risk the safety and health of the animals or children. For this reason, we respectfully ask that children under 3 years old not be
allowed in the animal presentation area. Please provide them with a quiet play area away from the reptiles. 

6. From our experience with hundreds of parties, we strongly recommend a maximum of 20 children. More guests overly stress our animals and makes it difficult for us to maintain a safe, yet fun party.  Since this is a hands - on presentation, more than 20 guests will make it very difficult to maintain the attention of the children. If you want a large party, $25.00 will be added to the cost of the party when over 20 children are in attendance.

7. For outside parties, please keep in mind the temp. I cannot be outside if the temp is below 70 degrees, or above 85 degrees. I cannot have my reptiles out in extreme heat or direct sunlight. If its below 85 degrees and you want to stay outside, the reptiles must have a shady spot out of direct sunlight. We will let you know what is best for our animals when we arrive.

       The Reptile Adventure birthday party will include at no extra charge:
  • A full one hour of touching around a dozen different types of reptiles while learning about them.
  • Birthday child can hold most of the animals.  We discourage this with a couple of them because of the sharp claws. Your guests will be able to touch the animals only. (It stresses the animal when handled allot)  
  • A one of a kind "Reptile Wrangler" certificate to frame and hang on the bedroom wall.
  • Two gifts from us including a magnet featuring a picture of our star snake, Ben, & a reptile toy.
  • Family portrait & b'day child with our star snake, our large (9ft) Albino Burmese Python
  • Free choice of downloadable custom Reptile Adventure invitations (See below) ---    
Base price: $175 (local)
Additional Add on Options
(Must be ordered in advance)

   I will bring out a gorgeous almost full grown Veil Chameleon for you and your
  guests to enjoy. These are the "coolest" of all reptiles, they move very slowly, 
  can change color, their eyes can turn around 180 degrees, and they have 
  two big "toes" to hang on. This one is very sweet and is really awesome to see 
  up close. At right is a picture of him. I charge extra to bring him because
  they are fragile and shouldn't be handled much.
  Cost is $20

  As an additional service, we offer a very special photo sitting
  for your guests. We'll pose each guest holding a choice of three
  of our tame and gentle reptiles - you take the pictures. These 
  make great take-home party favors or special addition to your
  thank you notes. And, to make it extra special, have your guests
  make animal picture frames as the before -  show craft activity!
  Idea link is here. This additional service must be ordered when 
  you make your reservation so that we can allow for extra time. 
  Cost is $10.00 (total) for up to 10 guests, $20.00 for up to 20 guests. 

  Line up your guests for a great photo of everyone holding our
  7 - 9 ft. Albino Burmese Python. You can make copies for each 
  guest for a great keepsake to remember for years to come! 
  Cost is $10.00

  We will feed one of our great big lizards at your presentation.Its cool
  to see nature in action as well as educational to see our large 
  monitor lizard grab, shake, and swallow a small mouse. (mouse is
  not alive). I personally think this is the best and coolest add on.
  Cost is $5.00

  We will apply awesome reptile & bug tattoos on all of your 
  guests  right before or after the presentation.
  Cost is $5.00 plus .75 cents a guest.

  If you would like to give your child something unique, ask us to bring a real, intact 
snake skin for your child to hang on the wall, or as a keepsake. The skin is from 
one of our snakes. (various sizes) please specify large or small.
  Cost is: $5.00 - $7.00

  Let me help you save time by providing the treat bags for every guest. The bags are fully loaded
  and include an assortment of various items. Here is a sampling of treat bag contents:
  Plastic snakes and lizards, other small toys, rings, mini flying disk,  bubbles, sticker packs, small notebooks,
  play dough, pop rocks, balloon, bubble gum, razzle's, air head candy, erasers, tattoos, pixie sticks, hard 
  candy, soft candy, coloring sheets, etc. Contents will vary, but the bag will always be full!   
  Cost is $4.00 ea 

  All are reptile theme and designs may vary. Includes the envelope so they 
  are ready to address and mail. I will bring them to your presentation.
  Cost is $1.00 each 

  To save you time, I will address and mail your reptile theme party
  invitations for you. Pictured at right, are a few samples of some of the
  designs I may use. 
  Cost is $1.00 each + postage.

  Your party guests can paint their own 12" wiggly wood snake. 
  Paint cost extra if needed.
  Cost is $3.00 each. 

  Let your guests play with these fun inflatable swords 
  shaped like snakes!
  Cost is $3.00 each.

  Plan on your guests playing the pinata game with a reptile pinata 
  filled with candy.
  Cost is $75.00. Optional matching blindfolds are $2.00 each.
  Optional pinata stick is $7.00

  Choose from a variety of gifts including wooden or rubber snakes, 
  small stuffed reptiles, "Grow" snakes or lizards, and more.
  Get one for the birthday child, or give one to each guest.
  Cost is $3.00 each.   

  "I wrangled this Python at my Reptile Adventure birthday party!" with 
  a picture of "Ben", our big snake.
  Cost is $12.00
                                        Free things!

Free link to customize your own invitation upload your own pics
or use some on this site to create great personalized invitations & thank you notes

Free reptile cake instructions here:

Free reptile coloring activities and information sheets here: 
          (More reptile related sheets under the "schools" tab).

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email me
Reptile Wrangler birthday presentations
Travel fees will apply for locations outside of the Richmond area. The first 50 miles round trip are free. Cost for travel will be .75 cents per mile after 50 miles round trip. I do travel all over Virginia.
Quick list of optional add-ons for your party:
 1. Optional chameleon encounter - $20.00
 2. Guest photo sitting  - $20.00 & up
 3. Group photo with our large snake - $10.00
 4. Lizard feeding - $5.00
 5. Temporary tattoos - $5.00 + .75 guest
 6. Treat bags -  $4.00 ea                     
 7. Real snake skin gift  - $5.00 - $7.00
8. Custom Thank you cards - $1.00 ea
9. Custom party invitation mail out  - $1.00              each  + postage
10. Wiggly wood snake craft  - $3.00 ea
11. Inflatable snake swords -  $3.00 ea
12. Lizard pinata - $75.00
       pinata stick - $7.00  blindfolds - $2.00 
13. Reptile toys/gifts for b'day child or for 
      your guests -  $3.00 ea
14. Reptile Adventure youth T-shirt - $12.00

snake craft
snake "swords"
Lizard pinata
Invitation examples
Thank you card example
    (design may vary)
"Rango" our Chameleon
A picture of our t-shirt
Birthday party cost is $175.00 for a one hour presentation 
Includes: reptile touch and hold, certificate, magnet, downloadable invitations, gift, child's portrait w/Python. Please add $25.00 for parties with over 20 children. Gratuities for the presenter are not required, but are gratefully accepted if you feel your presenter did an outstanding job and exceeded your expectations 
View more links to Invitations on the "More" page.

Group photo