Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to touch the animals?
We will set up a few safety rules prior to the demonstration, and we maintain control of the animals at all times - so everyone is perfectly safe. No guest is required or forced to touch an animal, its their choice. Also, we choose animals that we know have a good temperament. Each animal is our own personal pet, so we are very familiar with each animal, and we can observe subtle changes in its mood. All of our reptiles have been born in captivity and have attended many, many presentations and are used to being touched, held and pet.

Are all participants allowed to touch or hold the reptiles?
We love to give people of all ages the opportunity to touch or hold a reptile for the first time in their lives. Everyone at the presentation will be able to touch every single reptile we bring, but only if they choose to do so. (According to the number of children). The birthday child is allowed to hold most of the animals if they so desire.
We maintain control of the reptile at all times.  We also allow the birthday child and his/her family to pose for pictures holding our 8ft long Burmese Python as part of the of the presentation package. Sorry, but for the safety of our pets, we cant allow everyone else to hold the animals unless your host has provided a photo session with our visit. During a stage show, only a few individuals are allowed to touch the reptiles as there are just too many hands!

Are we allowed to take pictures?
Absolutely!  That's the best part. You will end up with many cherished memories to hold onto forever. 

What kind of animals do you bring?
We try to bring a large variety of animals and are always adding more to our "family". We have a large variety of small and large snakes and lizards. Please see the "about us" page to see the list of animals that we own. Of course we don't bring every reptile we own, just a good variety of different types and sizes. We usually bring out at least 12 different species of reptiles. A mixture of lizards and snakes, and tortoise.

How Much Space do You Need?
We need just enough floor space big enough for a few large sized tote bins and for all of the audience members to sit in a big semi-circle shape either on the floor or in chairs. You do not need to cover your carpets, we bring a light cover for the reptiles to walk on, and there is no mess or cleanup after I leave. (possible a little bit of bedding). Please provide one chair for the presenter.

Do reptiles make good pets?
We think that some reptiles make good pets, and some do not. It is important to know what a reptile requires before taking one home. Many reptiles require special lighting, or they will have health problems. Some become large and dangerous as they reach adulthood. Others may require very special food, or a lot of cleaning. Snakes are excellent escape artists, so you should make sure that the container is tightly closed and is snake proof. You should research the needs of any animal before choosing it for your pet. We have found that the "Rain Forest" type reptiles are hard to keep. These animals require a lot of humidity and strict temperature settings. 

What kind would you recommend for a beginner?
I always recommend the bearded dragon as a first lizard. They are very gentle, love to be handled, are fun to watch, and most of the time will just sit quietly with you.  A first snake pet would be a corn snake. They were the first snake bred specifically to be a pet. They don't get very large, they like to be handled, and they are fun to play with.

How does the Reptile Party Work?
We are not a petting zoo. Our Reptile presentation is a quiet, sit down part of your child's birthday or theme party
Your party guests will be seated in a large semi-circle shape while we bring out one reptile at a time and teach your guests about the animal. We will adjust the curriculum for the age of the audience, but we usually cover about where the animal comes from, what they eat, interesting behaviors, how they defend themselves, etc. We will walk each reptile around for every child to gently touch the animal. We will do this with about a dozen different reptile species. The birthday child will then get to hold any or all of the animals so you can get some special party pictures! The kids learn a lot, but more importantly they have lots of fun and make memories to last a lifetime!

Do you bring any venomous or dangerous animals?
No, we do not. We prefer to educate with animals that everyone can interact with, giving our participants a different experience than just a stage show or a zoo exhibit. They are not wild, and have been raised in captivity since they were born. Most have been shown and handled at presentations for many years. Each presentation includes a lesson about snake and lizard safety, and the difference between "wild" animals and pets

What is the maximum number of guests at a birthday party?
All guests must be 3 years old or older to participate in the party. We strongly recommend 10-15 children, but we will accommodate up to 20 children. If you are entertaining more than 20 children, please add $25.00 to the cost of the party as it means more work with more children. 

Can children younger than 3 years old participate?
The Reptile Adventure program is designed for children older than 3 years of age. Children younger than 3 years are not to be included and should not be present in the animal area. Their sudden movements and shrill sounds can scare some reptiles. 

How does your scheduling work?
We ask that you book the presentation at the time you would like for it to start. We will arrive at the start time as it only takes us a few minutes to unload and set up. Please allow at least 30 minutes after the start time of the show or party so the people coming in late will be there for the reptiles.

What exactly is the guest photo session?
At the end of the presentation, I will allow each individual guest to pose for a picture holding one of our tame reptiles (they choose one out of three), then you take as many pictures as you like.

Can you do a presentation outside?
Absolutely! When the weather is nice its great to have an outdoor event! My only requirement is in the cooler weather, it cannot be under 70 degrees, and in the summer, it must be less than 85 degrees and in a shade.

When will you arrive and will you need help?
I usually arrive very close to start time as it only takes me a few minutes to unload the reptiles and set up. We would greatly appreciate a reserved parking space very near the presentation space. I usually have a helper, but sometimes I will need to do a reptile party without help. In those cases, its always nice to have a "strong arm" to help me unload and reload.

How should I pay?
You can pay by cash, check, or credit card prior to, or on the day of the event. We accept credit cards through paypal on my mobile phone, and a link is located on our "Contact Us" page. Businesses will be emailed an invoice by which they can pay by credit card. Local families and businesses do not need to pay a deposit. Clients located outside of the Richmond area will be required to place a deposit on paypal. Details will be provided when the event is booked. 

Can I get an invoice prior to the event?
Yes! Provide me with your email address and I will be happy to email an invoice or receipt to you.

Where are some of the places that you have been?

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  •   New Life for Youth
  •   Raintree Rising Star Academy
  •   Country Club of Virginia
  •   The Nobel Academy
  •   Westover Hills carnival
  •   Lucy Corr Village
  •   Luther Memorial School  
  •   Charlottesville Public Schools & Parks Dept.
  •   Hanover, Petersburg, New Kent Parks & Rec
  •   Washington Wizards Basketball event 
  •   Kings Dominion special event   
  •   Chesterfield Public Schools                                              
  •   The Richmond Children's Museum 

Don't hesitate to call me with any other questions you may have!


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  • Boy scouts/Cub scouts
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  • YMCA Tuckahoe & Midlothian
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  • And many more!