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                      Reptile Exhibits
If your venue is an open house, carnival, or fair type event, then the exhibit style presentation would work best. 

We will bring a large variety of around eight to ten reptiles in clear tanks for observation. We then take various animals out of their tanks for your guests to touch and see up close. Usually, we try to bring a large assortment different types, including our very large snakes and lizards. Each circumstance is different, so we can tailor an exhibit specifically to meet your needs. 

We also can bring snake skin and other artifacts along with the animals. We have tables, or you can provide them. 

Please call me if you would like more information. Price is usually $250.00 for the 1st hour, then $125.00 each hour thereafter. Animals are always a big crowd pleaser!
 Roaming Reptiles for adult parties and Halloween events
This service provides live exotic reptiles to your next adult event. Roaming reptile handlers circulate among your guests with tame, touchable, live reptiles. Guests can chat with an animal expert, meet the animal and pose for pictures.  Roaming reptiles is designed for adult events where guests circulate and scheduled "sit-down" shows or assigned exhibit areas would be impractical. Great for corporate events, auction parties, fundraiser's, and theme parties. 
Please call with details for more information & pricing.
   Reptile Sitting
We know that not too many people know how to take care of your reptiles like you do. When you go away on vacation, who do you call? We will be happy to take care of your scaly pets with expert care while your away. Richmond and the surrounding areas only. Very reasonable.
Please call us for more information/price.
  Reptiles on stage
Reptiles on stage is a traditional stage-style program for an audience size of 30 to 300  guests of all ages. The perfect answer when you have a large audience with a smaller budget. 

These entertaining, yet educational stage shows are the perfect introduction to zoology for schools, day care, scouts, summer camps, libraries or community events. 

The presenter will bring out one reptile at a time and teach the audience all about it. We adjust the curriculum for the age and abilities of the audience. We usually cover where the animal is from, what they eat, interesting behaviors, how they defend themselves, etc. We are happy to adjust the presentation to supplement your specific theme or lesson.

We expect all safety rules be enforced such as: 
1. Audience must remain seated
2. Avoid loud or sudden noises
3. Follow the presenters instructions
at all times

With Reptiles on stage, the entire audience may not touch the reptiles as there are just too many hands! If you like, you can select certain volunteers to come on stage to meet the animals, perhaps as a reward.

We can provide a portable speaker system, or you can provide your own, Please allow a 6ft clearance between the presenter and the audience, and a center aisle so we can display the animals for easier viewing.
Please call for more information. Cost will be determined by how many people in attendance. If you need a second hour or more, the cost is always at least half price of the first hour! 

    Reptiles for 
photography or film
We recently provided our large python for a specific film need recently, so if you are looking for reptiles to supplement your film or photography, let us know! We will be happy to provide the reptiles for you. 

The most recent film job was for a rapper promoted by Conae West named Pusha T. You can see it here: http://youtu.be/5Cgw1Gvkefc

Photographers: We have the perfect snake for those boudoir pics, very cool & sexy!
Please call for estimate.
          Private reptile care            instruction     
When a child or an adult becomes the proud owner of a new reptile pet, sometimes the instructions on how to care for your particular reptile are hard to come by or confusing. Reptile Adventure is here to instruct you on every little detail of care. We live in Chesterfield county, so if you feel as if you could use further instruction, let us know. We will be happy to have you come to our location in Chesterfield to receive step by step details on the care, feeding, and habitat of your own reptile pet. While here, you can also see all of our 30+ reptiles!
Please call us for more information & pricing.
Capture and removal
Do you have a pesky snake in and around your home or business? Let us come out to remove the animal for you. Some snakes can LOOK like they are non-venomous, but can very well have fangs. So be careful should you decide to remove a snake by yourself. 

We would be happy to quote you an estimate based on location, just give us a call.

Reptile Rescue
Do you have a reptile pet that you no longer want? Give us a call and we will take it off your hands. No matter what kind it may be, we should be able to find a home for the animal. Please don't let it go in the wild! It is dangerous for people, and for your pet. Please call us instead. 
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