Reptile "touch & learn" presentations for -

- Clubs
- Fairs & Events
-Day Care Centers
-In-House Field Trips
 -Science/Agriculture Classes
 -Library Rotations
 -Science Nights
-Homeschool Groups

Why choose Reptile Adventure for your school, day care or organization?

We come to you! No bus fees, permission slips, or chaperones!
Shows tailored to your students age and education level
Safely learn about and meet a large variety of exotic reptiles, many of which are not common classroom pets! 
Many children will be seeing these animals for the first time
Safety comes first with Reptile Adventure!

Whether your planning a special event for your center or school, Reptile Adventure will entertain, educate, and amaze! Our programs are a hit everytime!

Classroom reptiles is ideal for a small group touch education program for 30 students or less. It’s an  multi-sensory enrichment program for schools, day care, libraries, churches, scouts, clubs and community services. We will bring out one reptile at a time to teach the audience about it. We adjust the curriculum for the age and abilities of the audience, but we usually cover where the animals come from, what they eat, interesting behaviors, how they defend themselves, etc. We are also always happy to customize the curriculum to supplement your specific lesson plans. Let us know in advance if there is something special you would like us to emphasize or avoid.  Next, we walk the animal around to the children, and as long as your students are following our safety rules, they may each gently touch the reptile. We try to include teaching the children the difference between "wild" animals and "pet" reptiles, and how to know the difference.

What are the safety rules?

Reptile Adventure will bring out about 12 different types of reptile pets for the children to see up close and touch. Each animal is a captive bred pet, and has been around children and handled for many years. We understand the child's curiosity and love of animals, but we must balance that with the needs of the animals and the safety of the audience.  We ask that the children follow a few simple rules:
1. Children must remain seated
2. Avoid loud, sudden, or shrill noise
3. Teachers or leaders are required to stay and assist with the audience management and will be expected to handle audience disruptions so we can concentrate on the presentation and safe animal handling. Please..... if we need to yell over a few children's voices, that means those that want to listen cannot hear. We could definitely use your help to remind the children to use their manners when a guest is speaking!
4. We have a "two finger" touch policy so the children will not squeeze and harm the animals.

One thing to consider is the smaller your group, the more interaction each child receives. We suggest that the children be divided up into separate groups if the group is larger than 30 children. This is a intense audience participation program, and more than 30 children would make it too difficult. Please consider one of our "Reptiles on Stage" presentations if you have a group larger than 30 that you don't want to divide up. As age groups differ, each presentation is adjusted (time and info) to fit the appropriate ages of the children. We can provide a shorter show of 30 minutes for the very young children to accommodate the younger child's shorter attention span, combined with another shorter presentation to make a full hour.

Be sure to have a camera on hand to capture the look on the children's faces when they see these animals up close and personal for the very first time!

  • Remember to schedule us for when you want us to START the program.
  • It is very important that the presentation start on time so please schedule accordingly.  It only takes us a few minutes to unload our animals and set up so the children should be ready to have fun at the appointment time! We will usually schedule more than one event a day. 
  • If you have multiple back to back programs, we suggest that you allow about 10 or 15 minutes between the presentations. to allow for the children to switch classrooms.
  • Don't forget to allow a close parking space for us on the day of the presentation. We will have quite a few animals to carry in!         
  • We need just enough space to set up a few totes, a chair, and enough floor space for the children to sit in a half circle style in front of us either on the floor or in chairs.
  • Let us know if you need an invoice sent by email when you book the event. Please make checks payable to Reptile Adventure. 
  • No deposit is required if your location is around the Richmond area.

       Site For Teachers: http://www.sitesforteachers.com/index.html?id=mpuste
       Click HERE to download a cute snake book for preschoolers
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       Click HERE to download a reptile word-find for school age children
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A one hour presentation for schools with 20 children or less cost: $200.00.  For a group of over 20 children, please add $25.00. 
Additional hours are only $100.00 each.
Do you need to accommodate  a large number of children? Consider a reptile stage presentation. Call me if you have special needs or requests, we can work out something. I'm here to help you!

Gratuities for the presenter are not required, but are gratefully accepted if you feel your presenter did an outstanding job and exceeded your expectations. We only accept cash, checks, or credit cards thru Paypal on our "Contact Us" page.

Travel fees apply for locations outside of the Richmond area.You will not be charged a travel fee if you are located within 50 miles round trip from Chesterfield.