Who We Are
Reptile Adventure is a small, family owned business located out of our home in the Chesterfield area of Richmond, VA. Since we always come to your location of choice, we don't have a storefront facility. All of our reptiles are personal pets with their own tanks, set up in our basement according to their specific needs.

Our family consists of mom (that's me), dad, our 21 year old son and adult daughter. The dad, Steve, is a country boy from Roanoke, so he has owned reptiles his entire life. Our son, Derek, has been interested  in learning, showing and breeding reptiles since he was about 10 years old. I had to go back to college in 2009, so I started this company to supplement our income and to help pay for the animal care. 

All of us have studied quite a bit about our reptiles. Not only to properly care for them, but to make sure that we are giving you correct information and tidbits about each animal we show. We are constantly learning new things about reptiles through attendance at expos and shows,  by experts we know, clubs and organizations, and of course the Internet!

We always end up buying different types of animals and adding to our collection. We have successfully bred Burmese Pythons, crested geckos, bearded dragons, and rat snakes.

As of July. 2016, we have around 39+ reptiles in our basement! Most of them are male/female of the same species. When we do presentations, we bring  out around a dozen different types, so everyone can see a large variety. 

We do not own any animals that are considered venomous to a human. We prefer to educate with animals that everyone can interact with, giving our participants a different experience than just a stage show or a reptile exhibit. 

All of our reptiles were born and bred in captivity, so they are used to human interaction. The animals that we show are mostly the same ones that have been shown for the past five years, so it is a completely trusted animal around people. 

Here is a list of the many different species of reptiles that we currently own as of July, 2016: (I put an asterisk * beside the ones we normally show).

  • Euromastix *
  • Burmese Python *
  • Red Tail Boa *
  •  Tegu*
  • Frill Lizard
  • Crested Gecko
  • Sail Fin Lizard
  • Spur-thigh Tortoise *
  • Savannah Monitor *
  • Green Iguana *
  • King snake
  • Hog-nose snake *
  • Dermial Lizard
  • Bearded Dragon *
  •  Milk snake *
  • Corn snake *
  • False water cobra
  • Dwarf red tail boa
  • Roughneck monitor
  • Glass lizard
  • Chameleon *
  • Blood Python

Derek & adult Redtail Boa
Steve and Derek at a 
birthday presentation
Steve and I at the Richmond
 Children's Museum exhibit
Me and "Brutus" our Iguana 
Here are some pictures of just a few of our animals:

 Corn snake
Savannah Monitor
Glass Lizard
 Burmese Python
Baby Alligator
Red Tail Boa
Milk snake
Bearded Dragon
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Green Iguana
  Our Reptiles