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Gentle Ben
Please call me as soon as you know your date for the event or party as I book up fast, especially on the weekends and in the summer! I prefer to book over the phone, I don't always check my email often enough!
  Reptile Adventure
Any special event for unique entertainment
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The Richmond VA area now has a new choice in entertainment! (Will travel to other areas)

And, the best price in the area too!
     Truly unique, truly different, and one of a kind. 
Reptile Adventure is a family operated business that provides 
fun and educational shows for kids and adults of all ages.
 Pet an Iguana!
Hold a Boa!
  Touch a lizard!
Get up close and personal with our "little dinosaurs"!
      We bring the jungle animals to you!

At Reptile Adventure we bring science and fun to your birthday party, classroom, daycare center or special event of any kind. Our hands on interactive shows are a great way to spark curiosity and interest in young minds. They will be talking about this experience for days or even weeks afterward! 

We have owned and worked with these beautiful animals for over 10 years, so all shows are handled in a fun and safe manner. We also incorporate safety education about reptiles including how to recognize the difference between a "captive bred pet snake" to a wild, possibly poisonous snake and why there is a difference. All of these animals are our own personal pets and are brought to you safely tucked inside their own personal container. Take a look at all of our reptiles on the next page.













  • Clubs
  • Senior centers
  • Company parties
  • Libraries
  • Birthday parties
  • Scouts

  • Schools
  • Daycare centers
  • Private schools
  • Summer camp
  • Fairs
  • Events
Ben was our "infamous" albino Burmese Python, and was the star of the reptile show. He had a lot of experience as an entertainer. First, he starred in a channel 6 morning program called "Virginia this Morning" (show called "Reptiles as pets") A few years later, channel 6 had us out again for the show. Here is the link to view it: Then, he had a starring role in a huge live Easter production at a local church where he played Satan. He was so good at it, they called him back the following year! In September 2011, Ben starred in a semi-famous rapper's music video in Norfolk. His name is "Pusha T", where he again plays "evil". That is SO unlike him! The video link to view the video is: check it out. Unfortunately Ben passed away last year due to respiratory infection complications.

Sunny is the female I acquired a couple of years ago and is now the star of the show! She is as big as Ben was at approx. 9 feet! I named her immediately after I saw her face because she has a bright, yellow, sunny face.
Burmese are known for their gentle nature, especially when born in captivity and tame. They have always been pets, and have never bitten any one.
Please call me as soon as you know your date for the event or party as I book up fast, especially on the weekends and in the summer! I prefer to book over the phone, because I'm really terrible about checking my email frequently.  Thank you!

Birthday parties
For any age, and any reptile lover (or lover to be).
Children, teens, adults and seniors all love animals!
Gentle Ben
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About the "star of the show" Sunny
Exciting educational programs using "Touch and learn"
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Providing fun, unique & educational reptile presentations and exhibits 

Steve and I with the stars of  the show "Swamp Wars" of Miami Dade County. This is their black throat monitor!